Freight Agent Negotiating Strategies

If you want a successful freight agent career, you have to learn how to negotiate so that you can win more clients. It is important that you know how to deal with people so that you can be successful with your chosen path. Here are a few strategies that you can do to help you negotiate.

1. Focus on the value and not on the price – A common mistake that many freight agents make is compromising their profit and commissions just to get the client that they want. The problem with this is that there would be less profit and commission on your side . When this happens all the time the agent can loose their interest in this career because the financial needs are not meant. Instead of lessening the price, it would be best and focus on the value of the service that can be provided.

2. Be positive – If you come to the meeting thinking that you will get the client, then you would be pushed to do your best to win the client. On the other hand if you think that you wont win the client, then you would just give up and not try your best. Being positive also makes you more likeable and people buy from those that they like.

3. Confidence and courteousness – Being courteous and confident can help you to give out a good impression on your clients. With these qualities, you can also get what you want and prevent your emotions from affecting you negatively. Without being shy, you can ask the questions you want to ask and by being courteous at the same time, you wouldn’t offend your client or carrier with the questions you ask.

4. Ask a lot of questions – Asking a lot of questions will help you understand your client more. The more you understand your client, the easier it is to provide them with the solution that they need. When you address their concerns and provide them with the solutions for their problems, they are likely to make a deal with you.

5. Don’t take rejection personally – In case your client doesn’t agree with you or makes a deal with you, don’t take it personally. This may not be the right time and you may not have he right offers for them at present but it is possible that you meet with them in the future. You don’t want to be awkward in the future so make sure that everything is still okay between you even after the meeting,

6. A Win-win mindset – When you meet with your carriers as well as your customers, you should focus on benefiting them while you benefit yourself too. When both parties win, a good relationship between both parties will be made.

7. Know Your Price Range – Before you give out a final price, you should first determine a price range. This will help make sure that you come up with a deal that would both benefit you, your clients and your carrier.

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