Things to Check Before Buying an Electric Bike

Living in a metropolis can be a bit of a problem especially if you really want to get to work. Traffic seems unavoidable especially now that more and more people are headed to developed cities just to gain an opportunity to build their own careers. Since transportation becomes a major issue, you can’t blame people for investing on electric bikes.

Is an electric bike a good buy? If you are someone who is budget conscious, or if you want to prioritize your health, then an electric bike makes a good deal. Typically, one of the very first steps in getting an electric bike is to read the reviews. What are the things you need to check on electric bike reviews?


Price makes a major consideration for anyone about to invest on a bike. If you choose to invest on an electric bike, start by knowing the price point. Are you willing to shell out $4,000 on a bike? Or maybe, you are only willing to pay $1,000?

But of course, this isn’t the only consideration when making a purchase of electric bikes. You also have to consider other factors in order to get the best bang for your buck.


Are you the type of rider who is very particular about the overall experience in using the bike? If so, it is a good idea to evaluate the stability of the bike. Not all bikes are created the same. Check the user experience online to get a good idea on how the bike feels. Also, if you are on the store, might as well test it yourself.

Mileage per charge

You also have to consider the number of miles that you get from a fully charged electric bike battery. Typically, the batteries will run from 15 kilometers to 40 kilometers. That is already sufficient to get you to your destination. If you are the type of person who uses the motor to as an aid to get you to the difficult parts of the road, then this would already be enough.

Durability of the battery

Battery is the first thing that will most likely give up on your electric bike. You may find replacements online, but you have to anticipate the price of these items. Given this situation, you have to also look at the reviews regarding the battery of electric bikes.

Is it allowed in your country?

You also have to find a review that pertains to where you are. Not all countries have the same rules regarding electric bikes. Fortunately, in most countries, using an electric bike is legal and is not considered a motorcycle.


Investing on an electric bike is a handy thing to have especially now in the city. If you are going to invest on an electric bike, might as well be careful about it. Keep in mind that not all electric bikes are made the same. Reading the reviews can make a huge difference, especially for someone who wants to get the best bang for his or her buck.

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